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Hello there! I am doing Improvisations and song requests with my Gloves, Piano and Voice every Tuesday evening at home, 9pm-11pm BST to raise funds for The Creative Passport.

It’ll cost you £100 for one of mine and £500 for anyone else’s! Please leave name of the song and artist in the text along with your donation on the Go Fund Me page. We’ll make every penny count.

OR just come along for the evening!

also… if you’re wondering what I’m up to these days, I have an app where I share new musical ideas, project developments, blogs and chat one to one with subscribers as part of The Listening Chair conversations (generally 5pm BST every Tuesday!).

Every Tuesday evening at home, 9pm-11pm BST Links to the playlist for the evenings, so new ones will pop up here.

Love, Imogen x


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The Creative Passport

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Live streamed Improv session for The Creative Passport - Coming Up!
Tuesday July 7th, 9pm BST

The Gloves Are On - Live improv and song requests : No.5 - Watch on YouTube

Questions from Fans via Heapster app - Coming Up!
Saturday July 4th, 5pm BST

The Listening Chair conversations - Episode 5 - Watch on youTube

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